About Me

I am located in the creative and quirky Hebden Bridge. It is an inspiring town filled with independent shops and cafés, artists and craftspeople.

Doing my bit to make my environmental footprint smaller I make my jewellery from recycled silver. Silver mining is incredibly destructive and it is very hard to reconcile that to making pretty items of jewellery. If I am going to make things people can love and love to wear then I want them to be ethically responsible. So I have a supplier who sells 100% recycled silver and I can feel happier knowing that I'm not making bigger footprints than I have to.

Piercing and hand-finishing are time consuming processes but I feel they lend my work a unique look. My precision with a saw blade and signature high-polished finish show off my craft to the highest degree and give each piece a unique depth that reflects, shimmers and shines, reacting to its surroundings and bringing it to life.

I am inspired by a diverse range of subjects that span art movements, nature and maths my work looks to be practical enough to be part of your everyday outfit and beautiful enough for those special occasions.

“When I see a piece being worn, then it’s finished. Then I’m happy."